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Case Video Study:

An in depth video that revolves around a single individual and their detailed testimony of a company, service, product or experience. 
The interview portion is more extensive than a normal testimonial (and usually includes others who are involved with the individual) and there is detailed b-roll, real and/or staged, of the individual and their life.
Everyone’s testimony is different, meaning how the video is shot and the content needed can drastically vary.
This type of video is highly effective in gaining trust with potential customers before ever coming into your facility.

Everything you need, in one place.

Welcome to Broken Door Media, built by Film Producers and raised by Business Professionals of the media industry. Our diverse team of highly qualified producers, executives, media specialists and production crew provide top-of-the-line video production and media services while consistently aiming to uphold our 3 most prominent characteristics that resonate throughout all our production and business endeavors.



  • Location Scouting
  • Script Writing
  • Project Scheduling
  • Client Coordination
  • Equipment Preparation & Assembly
  • Production Crew Assembly
  • Production Paperwork & Contracts


  • Prompt Arrival
  • Swift Setup & Disassembly
  • Steady Workflow
  • Schedule Obedience
  • Schedule Flexibility
  • First-Rate Equipment
  • Professional Crew
  • Leading Creativity & Organization
  • Client & Project Integrity


  • Superior Editing
  • Video & Audio Syncing
  • Animated Logos
  • Custom Branding
  • Motion Graphics
  • Client Review & Interaction
  • Professional Post Team
  • Fast Turn around Guaranteed
  • Client Satisfaction


At Broken Door Media, we take pride in our professionalism and go-getter attitude towards all our clients and business endeavors. Our professionals are profoundly trained in their field of work, from higher education, on-the-job training and in-the-field experience, many of which have been in working in the industry for decades.


Our commitment is to you, our clients, and to yield custom videos of the highest quality to your business that is beyond compare. At Broken Door Media, we guarantee satisfaction from the very first call on through to completion. Pick up the phone today to speak with one of our qualified media specialists or shoot us an email to begin the success of your company’s video advertisement.

Popular Packages

Walk through video package

Full length story driven Client based testimonial

Basic Graphics


Creative Team

Preproduction Creative team


Production management

High Production Quality Gear

Commercial videography

High Production Quality Gear

Studio Productions available

Preproduction Creative team


Production management

Advanced editing and motion Graphics

Live Event Videography

Multiple Camera Angles

Preproduction Creative team


Production management

Technical set up/Break down



All of our productions film on 4k+ digital camera’s from our Panasonic Dlsr’s to our Canon C300. No matter what your business needs are. Rest assured knowing that your finished project will be at the highest quality, created with today’s modern software and gear.


A number of our projects have national spots on Television. We make sure your project is exactly the way it needs to be to be streamed on cable networks. We also have educated staff who can advise you on where your money will best be spent.


Need training or sales videos for your company? Broken Door Media has helped numerous companies with their corporate image. From start to finish our crew members will create a professional filming atmosphere and produce the high quality video for your market.

Live Events

Trying to connect your video to facebook live? Broken Door Media offers futile camera set ups and is experienced in multicamera productions.

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